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January 9, 2010

Midwinter 2010 Executive Committee/General Membership Meeting: Annotated Agenda

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ACRL Arts Section Executive Committee/General Membership Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting 2010

Virtual Meeting, ACRL Arts Group, ALA Connect

Sunday, January 17, 2010, 1:00 pm


Welcome and introductions

Acceptance of Annual 2009 minutes

Please review draft minutes here and post comments:

Announcement of Annual 2010 program and first meeting of Digital Arts Discussion Group

The Annual 2010 program will be How We Memorialize: The Art and Politics of Public Memorialization, scheduled for Sunday, June 27, 1:30-3:30pm.

We’ll be introducing our third discussion group this year.  The Digital Arts Discussion Group will focus on electronic resource issues of special concern to arts librarians, and will hold its first meeting at the Annual Conference on Sunday, June 27 from 4:00-5:30pm.

Report on Midwinter 2010 meetings of ACRL Leadership Council and Communities of Practice Assembly

Leadership Council: This was mostly devoted to open discussion of ALA’s draft Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, and ACRL’s Strategic Plan 2020 (!!).  Attendees agreed with the general content of both documents but suggested a number of possible additions and clarifications.

Communities of Practice Assembly:

  • ACRL is in the process of reevaluating its policies and support procedures for liaisons to/from outside organizations.
  • ACRL has an Information Literacy Standards Committee that is available to provide support and guidance in promoting and interpreting the IL standards.
  • ACRL is rethinking the distribution of basic services funding for sections.  Many questions and variables are being considered, but in short Arts’s funding will not decrease (and will probably go up if we reach the 1000-member mark).  There is also the Friends Disbursement Fund, which is underutilized and available for special projects.  We’re strongly encouraged to not limit our ideas because of an assumption that there is no funding available.
  • There was a discussion about section leaders’ experiences with virtual meetings.  A lot of sections have had some virtual meetings, and most were successful.  There’s been lots of experimentation with different technologies, and there was general agreement that more centralized assistance from ACRL or ALA would be very helpful.
  • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Vice President of ACRL, is interested in speaking to any section interested in having their 2011 program be the ACRL President’s Program.  The theme is Innovation.  [2011 Program Planning Committee take note…maybe our theme is too arts-specific for that program?  It certainly fits the innovation theme./ Bill]

Report from Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator

Adam will be unable to join us at the meeting.  An outline of his report for all executive committees is posted here:  He will be available after the conference to answer any questions we may have.

Report from Mary Carr, ACRL Board Liaison

Report from Vice Chair

Old Business:

*****Status of revision of governance procedures

This was a fairly simple matter of putting the current bylaws into the new format, and has been done.  Thanks to Megan Smith-Heafy!

*****Feedback on first electronic-only Arts Newsletter

Please post your comments, and any comments you might have gotten from other members.

New Business:

*****Discontinuation of ACRL Strategic Initiative Action Plan process

Please review this document and post any comments:

*****Discussion of successes/issues/lessons learned from conducting virtual meetings

If you’ve participated in one of the Midwinter Arts committee meetings, please post your comments.

*****Scheduling for ALA Annual 2010

Here is the proposal that has been approved by the Executive Committee.  Bill will be submitting our meeting requests shortly after Midwinter.

  • All-Committees: Sat. 6/26, 8:00-10:00am
  • Discussion Forum: Sat. 6/26, 10:30am-12:00pm, same room as All-Committees
  • Dance Librarians: Sat. 6/26, 1:30-3:30pm
  • Film & Broadcast: Sat. 6/26, 4:00-5:30pm
  • Executive/General Membership: Sun. 6/27, 10:30am-12:00pm
  • Program: Sun. 6/27, 1:30-3:30pm (this is already scheduled and cannot be changed)
  • Digital Arts Discussion Group: Sun. 6/27, 4:00-5:30pm, same building as Program

The rationale behind collocating the Program and the Digital Arts Discussion is to drum up attendees for the first meeting of the discussion group at the program.

*****Digital Arts Discussion Group convener search

See report of Digital Technologies and the Arts, below, and many thanks to Lucie Stylianapolous for agreeing to be the group’s first convener!

Reports of Committee Chairs/Discussion Group Conveners:

*****Program Planning 2010

We have our speakers: Dr. Kirk Savage (Univ. Pittsburgh), professor of art & architecture.  Davis Buckley of Davis Buckley Architects & Planning in D.C.  Dr. Kirk has published extensively on the topic of memorials.  Mr. Buckley’s firm has been involved in memorial projects, including the National Japanese-American memorial in D.C. and some work on the D.C. FDR memorial.

We will be creating a supplement to the main D.C. ArtsGuide.  The supplement will focus on memorials in the D.C. area and will provide not only location, hours (where applicable), and general visitor information, but also a summary of the history of the memorial’s creation.  Two of our committee members are also serving on the P&R committee, so coordination with the group revising the main D.C. ArtsGuide should go smoothly.

We are working with ACRL to cover all possibilities for publicity for the program.

We will be creating a bibliography to support the program that will include publications of our speakers.

We are also discussing the idea of creating a LibGuide following the conference (one means of creating a “life after conference” for our program.

*****Program Planning 2011

See report of Digital Technologies and the Arts, below.  A committee will need to be formed between now and Annual.

*****Nominating 2010

*****Nominating 2011

Bill Hemmig is Chair of the 2011 Nominating Committee, which will be searching for candidates for the offices of Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2011-2012) and Secretary (2011-2013).  Any Section members interested in serving on this committee please contact Bill or Claudia Covert.

*****Strategic Planning

*****Membership & Outreach

Membership & Outreach will be holding its virtual Midwinter meeting the week following the conference.  Here is a report on activities since Annual:

  • Many thanks to Beth Kerr for her time and hard work as the Arts Section webmaster!  Megan Smith-Heafy is currently serving as webmaster, so please send any updates/feedback to
  • Section membership is down from 2008 so we’re brainstorming new ways to attract and retain members.  If you have any ideas please share them with us!
  • Committee members have discussed creating a Twitter feed for the Arts Section (thanks to Joe Clark for the suggestion).  Concerns were that we wouldn’t have enough content to add to it regularly.  Suggestions are welcome.  Is this something the section thinks would be useful?
  • Thanks to Carrie Bertling, who has created a flyer to distribute to library school students about the Arts Section.
  • We continue to outreach to members via the Arts Section Facebook page.  The page currently has 95 fans!  If you’re not yet a fan of Arts on Facebook, you can become one here:
  • The Membership and Outreach Committee wants to profile Arts Sections members in the Newsletter and on the website.  If you are interested in sharing more about yourself and what you do with other Arts Section members, please contact Zola Mumford ( or Megan Smith-Heafy (

*****Publications & Research

REPORT: Virtual MidWinter 2010 meeting

Art Section’s Publication & Research Committee

December 16, 2009 @ 11am (PST)

Present: Caroline Caviness, Eamon Tewell, Yvette Cortes, Kristina Keogh, Ann Medaille, and Yen Tran

Here are the highlights from our meeting:

  • We used Google Wave for our meeting.  It was interesting but kind of freaked some of us out because you can see what another person is typing at the moment.
  • Caroline talked about the ArtsGuide (the process, the contributions, etc.).  She decided that for Annual, she will have a template for the contributors to follow since most of her time was spent formatting the info she got from contributors.  We all agreed it would be a good idea.  For the ArtsGuide, we are also thinking of having a tips sheet for contributors.
  • Caroline had previously brought up the idea of developing a virtual arts guide since a lot of people cannot attend conferences but still would like to participate.  The group wasn’t exactly sure what the virtual arts guide would entail but we generally thought it would be a good idea.  Maybe something for Annual.
  • Bill — What does the Exec committee think about this? [Yen: I’m not exactly sure what sort of virtual guide you’re talking about, but there has been talk in the past couple years about morphing the guide into something more dynamic, searchable, etc.  We submitted a Strategic Initiative Action Plan proposal to ACRL for funding 2 years ago but were turned down, but we’re still very much interested in the idea.  If your committee would like to come up with a plan we’d love to hear it.  Other comments? –Bill]
  • As a (temporary) alternative to a virtual arts guide, we would like to request photos from people going to the locations on the ArtsGuide.  Maybe putting them on Flickr/Facebook/Blog etc.
  • We are concerned that this may be a membership thing?
  • Yen filled everyone in the on the process for the Discussion Forum.  Two presenters: Rachel Clarke talking about cataloging for arts and design school libraries, and Marie Botkin, talking about Medieval Manuscript Illuminations and fashion change.  Time and date was TBA.

*****Digital Technologies and the Arts

we had three items on the agenda:
rewrite the charge
find a convener and write the charge
discuss the 2011 program:


‘to investigate and synthesize digital initiatives used in libraries and archives and to provide information to those who create or collect materials in the visual and performing arts.”


there was a great deal of talk about the discussion group, which has happened every time we get together for the last three meetings.

the discourse around this is that we all want to really discuss and not just get bogged down in committee meetings. AND we want those not in the art section as members to be able to attend the discussion. a discussion group allows for both.  However, a committee is what can develop programs, etc, so we need the committee, not to mention that digital technologies and digital arts are not synonymous.  Our take on it is that the committee provides the power and the discussion group provides discussion.  that said, however, Yvette and I really think that the committee can be whatever we want it to be, and that includes discussion, but while that could draw people to the committee (which could then add members to the arts section), the discussion group would bring in more people.  Also, the two have different charges, as the discussion group is a subset of the committee. I AM HAPPY TO REPORT THAT LUCIE STYLIANOPOLOUS has agreed to be the convener, but she might not be able to attend ALA in 2010 due to her research.  Be that as it may, we have some ideas as to how the group can be active online through virtual discussions throughout the year. The plan is to have the first discussion by ALA 2010 in order to invite others to attend. We will continue to work on this. And, although the group itself will set the charge, we agreed on the following as a basis for what the d group would do:

“to gather together those interested in the digital arts to discuss issues affecting both the creation and collection of the digital arts”


we all agreed to go ahead and develop something if the exec board approves, and the general consensus was to have a panel discussion on controlled vocabularies for the performing arts (which have been traditionally built on visual arts for want of anything else and include music, dance, and theatre (and opera) all need something). so we need a catchy title (currently we’re thinking ‘creating multimedia metadata: controlled vocabularies across time and space’  and we can really deal with this at ala this summer, while Kathleen and I begin working on it. Lucie will be withdrawing her proposal for travel narratives and plans to volunteer for this committee and the programme committee. We have several ideas regarding the panel participants who will represent several art forms.  We would also like to include Lucie as moderator (and art historian).

question: most of the committee members aren’t attending ALA this summer, can we go virtual again? It was my understanding that the section agreed to meet virtually only for mid-winters and face to face for the general?

ACRL requires section committees to meet face-to-face at Annual.  However, it also allows for virtual participation by some committee members.  You can conduct a great deal of your business virtually but there ought to be some committee presence at the All-Committees meeting at the conference.  –Bill.

The meeting lasted 1.5 hours. occurred at 3 PM EST.

Susan Lynn Wiesner PhD

*****Dance Librarians Discussion Group

The Dance Librarians Discussion Group met face-to-face at its scheduled time on Saturday, January 16, 2010.  Although attendance was down from Annual, it was about the same as last year’s Midwinter meeting.  Interestingly, all the participants were first time DLDG meeting attendees and none were Arts Section members.  We really need to do more to connect actively with librarians working in public (and other types of) libraries with dance materials.

Indeed, networking efforts definitely developed as a theme of our conversation.  The group had a wide-ranging discussion of dance librarianship — is there such a thing as a dance librarian? I’ll let you answer that for yourselves.

I also was able to share some news that Libby Smigel, Executive Director of the Dance Heritage Coalition and I had spoken about prior to the meeting, mainly regarding the Secure Media Network pilot project and DHC’s Fellows Program for M.L.I.S. students and recent graduates (more about the latter in a separate post).   DHC could not send a representative due to conflicting commitments, but they plan to participate actively at Annual, as they look for new ways to partner with communities of interest.

One bit of business concerned the fate of the DLDG-L listserv which has been hosted by Indiana since its inception, thanks to Mary Strow.  Mary has let me know that with her upcoming retirement, DLDG-L will need to find a home.  Given that the consensus among the group was that the listserv still served a useful function,  I will work with Mary to find a new host.

Following our discussion, we were treated to a presentation by invited guest, Jody Weber, author of the book, The Evolution of Aesthetic and Expressive Dance in Boston, and director of the WeberDance company.  Dr. Weber’s informal (given the size of the group) talk focused on the work of pioneering Boston performers and teachers, the Braggiotti sisters and Miriam Winslow.  Many thanks to Dr. Weber for sharing the fascinating results of her passionate research and involvement with the Boston dance community!

Hopefully next time our meeting will not be scheduled as the same time as a speech by Al Gore!

Helice Koffler

*****Film & Broadcast Librarians Discussion Group

The Discussion Group meeting at 2009 Annual in Chicago was extremely well attended.  There will be no meeting for Midwinter 2010.  The group will meet face-to-face at 2010 Annual in Washington.

Member Announcements

Please post any announcements as a comment below.


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  1. Hi there!

    I want to pose a couple of questions about ALAConnect, etc. See below:

    How active are we meant to be in monitoring our “community” sites? I am confused about why ALAConnect is open to both ALA members and non-members. While it is nice in some ways to see a non-ALA member join our community, is it really now my responsibility to respond to what amount to reference questions just because I am the convener of an Arts Section discussion group and volunteer “administrator” of an ALA community site? And to receive notifications every time there is a comment? Although I doubt our community page will ever be a high traffic site, these unanticipated interactions with a public we may not be seeking do have the potential to become burdensome.

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