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June 20, 2011

Dance Librarians Discussion Group Meeting at ALA Annual 2011

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Cover image from "Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet" (2010) by Jennifer Homans

Please excuse the late notification about the upcoming meeting, which will be taking place as scheduled, on Saturday, June 25, 2011, from 1:30-3:30 pm.  More details about the location, etc. can be found on the Conference Scheduler page.

Although I will not be able to attend this year’s ALA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Kathleen Haefliger has graciously agreed to lead the Dance Librarians Discussion Group meeting in my absence.

In lieu of a formal agenda, you are invited to bring your own ideas for discussion topics to the meeting.  To get the conversation started, here also are some of the topics from our most recent past meetings that it would be great to see develop into full fledged projects:

  • Outreach with library schools and/or dance departments to develop training opportunities for students with an interest in dance librarianship, archives, and history.
  • A review feature on recent dance on film and video created by DLDG for publication in Booklist, C&RL News, or some other venue.

I also tried to arrange for an online chat with Jennifer Homans, author of Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet to take place during ALA week, but, unfortunately, she was unavailable this month due to travel and other commitments.  However, she is enthusiastic about communicating with the group and has agreed to an do an interview in late July.  Please send in any ideas for interview questions or your comments about the book as a reply to the discussion page.

Thanks so much!  I hope it’s a great conference!

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