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March 9, 2012

Suggested themes for 2013 Program

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Hi there from your Chair of Program Planning!

I’d love to hear your feedback on the following options for our 2013 program.  And if you have other ideas, please leave comments with your suggestions or write to me, Judy Thomas,  at

1.  New models for arts libraries:  As libraries examine their mission and methods in an increasingly interdisciplinary academic world, many are experimenting with new organizational structures (e.g. combining art and music libraries), with concomitant changes in organizational culture.  The panel will talk about new experiments in organizational structure, their effects on culture, and implementation challenges.

2.  Scholarly communication:  The arts disciplines face particular challenges in moving into a new era of scholarly communications. To be viable, publication models must support new forms of inquiry involving multiple formats and different scholarly methods.  Faculty, librarians and technologists must work together in new ways; authoring tools and infrastructure must be appropriate for the task.  This panel will identify those challenges and describe some developments in scholarly communication in the arts that could point a way forward.

3.  New models of librarianship:  The higher ed landscape is changing rapidly, and librarians in the arts must be prepared to meet new disciplinary and interdisciplinary needs.  Today’s librarian must bring a deep understanding of the methods, resources, tools and products of digital scholarship to the support of  21st teaching, learning, research and publication.    This panel will discuss what kinds of arts librarian positions are needed in today’s college or university, and suggest ways that they can become successful partners with faculty and students in knowledge creation and management.

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