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June 6, 2014

ACRL Arts Discussion Forum – Las Vegas 2014

Going to ALA?
Please join us for the ACRL Arts Discussion Forum!
Saturday, June 28, 2014 10:30-11:30am
Las Vegas Convention Center – N119


Dramaturgy Challenge: Real-Life Research Instruction for Performing Arts Students
Maryke Barber, Public Services and Arts Liaison Librarian, Hollins University

This presentation will introduce the audience to a framework for information literacy instruction specifically designed for arts students. It is hands-on, team-based, and includes elements of evaluation, presentation, and competition. Most importantly, it is grounded in the real-life work of dramaturgs, theatre professionals whose work depends on their versatility and skills as researchers. Dramaturgs are responsible for gathering contextual research for actors, directors, and designers. This session turns students into competing teams of dramaturgs who must work together to gather the best possible information for an upcoming production. The teams present and defend their top resources in a winner-take-all competition with the other team. This program successfully engages students who have already received basic instruction in previous courses, and who might therefore resist another standard format one-shot session. While designed for theatre students, it can be adapted to work for all areas of performance, and as a “curator challenge” for visual arts students.



Visiting Artist Lecture Series: A Librarian Creation Bringing Artists to Campus and the Community

John Burns, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Dixie State University

Take art librarianship to the next level and create a visiting artist lecture series at your institution! The speaker (an avid art librarian) will talk about the creation of a free art lecture series he created for students, faculty, and the community in partnership with several campus and community entities. He will share his experience bringing professional artists on campus to lecture/demo about their work and inspiration in various mediums. Learn how you can create a similar series with little more than passion and an investment of time. The speaker will also share his experiences that led to becoming the director of another campus wide lecture series that also brings artist to campus bringing the arts to science students, business, students, nursing students, and more.


The New Fenwick Hallway Gallery: A Space for Art & Inquiry
Jenna Rinalducci, Art & Visual Technology Liaison Librarian, George Mason University

Fenwick Library at George Mason University is currently undergoing a major addition. In an effort to make public spaces as attractive as possible during construction, a highly-trafficked hallway was transformed into a gallery space for inquiry and engagement. This space highlights work by students, faculty, and associates and connects their work to the library collection. We partnered with the College of Visual and Performing Arts to hire a graduate assistant. We also developed policies about using exhibit images for educational and promotional purposes. Using the WordPress platform, the website ( is a critical to this education and promotion. It showcases the art along with information about the artists. The website also lists circulating books that complement the exhibit theme (including thumbnail images of the books and links to the catalog). The website even tracks the progress of the gallery through images (e.g. images of the former hallway, the exhibit installation).


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